Unified Resources

DeCA ROA Support

What is a ROA? The Resale Order Agreement or ROA is contract required process that manufactures must follow to do business with DeCA. S & K Sales Co.’s Unified Resources performs all the support services to help manufactures navigate this sometimes complicated process.

The ROA Process

  • Manufacturer Drop Ships to Distributor
  • Manufacturer Invoices S&K
  • S & K Sales. Co. Pays Manufacturer Less Commission and any Authorized Promotional Price Reductions
  • Cost of Drayage, S&K Administrative Fee and Shelf Stocking can be included in List Price Markup to DeCA

S & K Sales Co. Unified Resources Performs All Support Functions

  • EDI Prices to DeCA
  • Process Distributor Orders
  • Invoice Distributors
  • Process Distributor Roll Ups
  • Invoice DeCA
  • Credit Distributor
  • Disperse Distributor Drayage payments
  • Bills back manufacturer for all charges